Everyone has fond memories of their first car. You remember taking it home from the dealership, gassing it up for the first time, and giving it its first wash. Maybe you grabbed an air freshener on the way out of the gas station so you could remove some of the “fragrances” left by its last owner.
Whatever the scent was, chances are you relied on that air freshener to keep your car smelling like a pine forest even under the toughest conditions. We can sometimes take these accessories for granted, but they put up with a lot for being just tiny pieces of aromatic cardboard.
Here are 5 reasons why air fresheners make your car better.

#5 They Remove Cigarette Odors

Well, maybe “remove” is too strong of a word, but air fresheners definitely mask the ever-present odors caused by prolonged smoking in the car, whether the smoker is your or a regular passenger’s. Even if you don’t light up, second-hand smoke from other drivers can often filter in, and your air freshener’s purifying fragrance can help tide you and your passengers over until the smoke finds its way out.

#4 They Prevent Your Car from Smelling like a Litter Box

One of the cutest scenes you’ll encounter on the road is someone’s dog poking their head out of the passenger side window. You might even have indulged Fido yourself on occasion. But sometimes, pets can be smelly things, and what they take to the litter box, they might drag into the car, too. Your air freshener helps ensure that man’s best friend stays that way. Driving down the freeway with your pet’s dirty laundry wafting around inside is a sure recipe for disaster, especially if you have young children on board. Air fresheners disperse that concentrated pet smell and, when coupled with an open window, bring fresh scents in.

#3 They Mask Nasty Road Odors

Road construction can drive you crazy on the best of days. But being stuck in traffic while that wet asphalt smell engulfs the road can cause massive headaches or worse, endangering you and drivers around you. By infusing your car interior with natural aromas like vanilla or strawberry, air fresheners help bring some zen and clarity back into the driver’s seat.
And let’s not forget about that notorious stinker, the skunk. Catching you at night when you least expect or it, this little critter can turn a pleasant evening cruise into a fight to save your nostrils. With an air freshener, you throw your windows open, pump up the fan to get the freshener going, and you’re back on cloud nine.

#2 They Create a Comfortable Driving Space

Face it. The road is one of the most stressful environments known to man. Road rage is an ever-present threat, which is compounded by the smell of gasoline, diesel, and the whole host of typical road smells.
Now imagine sitting in a beautiful meadow or by a tranquil river, relaxing as the scents of the great outdoors envelope you in their awesomeness. With an air freshener, you won’t replicate that experience completely, but you’ll come pretty darn close. And sometimes, on the road, that extra bit of comfort is enough to keep you in a good mood, even as gridlock firms up around you.

#1 They Create Lasting Memories

Maybe one of your favorite car memories was getting your first kiss in one. Maybe it was taking the best road trip of your life with your significant other. No matter what that memory was, there’s a good chance the trusty air freshener was there to give it a signature fragrance.
If you think about it, the memories you make with your car are bound up with the smell of your air freshener. It was the sweet smell of strawberry that made that first kiss that much sweeter. It was the refreshing scent of pine that made an exhausting but enjoyable road trip that much more memorable on the drive home.

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