Since a car is one of the best things that money can buy, have you stopped to imagine how your car would smell like without an air freshener? Probably not. An air freshener is an unavoidable accessory in a car. However, choosing the ideal car freshener for your car needs is not an easy task. That is why at DollarScent our air fresheners come in different tantalizing fragrances that will blow your mind such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Mr. Fresh sport and Nu car. We specialize in creating a variety of scents that are bound to revolutionize your understanding of air fresheners. In addition, they are tailor made to suite your overall needs irrespective of whether you are male or female. Needless to say, these fresheners come in different colors which also add style to your vehicle.

At DollarScent, all our air fresheners are approved by the International Fragrance Association. In addition, they are made from high quality, eco-friendly material, and meet the highest production standards. When you buy an air freshener for your car at DollarScent, you are bound to enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Fresh scent.

A fresh scent not only gives a good smell, but it also improves the general atmosphere of your car. This creates an enjoyable feeling that instantly boosts your mood especially when traveling for a long time. This enhances the creation of lasting memories with your family and loved ones.

  1. It removes unpleasant odors.

It is a fact that we all enjoy being in a clean environment and so your car is not be an exception. Certain smells in a car can be hard to get rid of such as cigarette smoke, pet or food odors. This is where an air freshener comes in to remove that unpleasant smell, so that you can enjoy the rest of your journey in luxury without necessarily rolling down the windows to air the car.

  1. Great variety.

At DollarScent, we have mastered the art of creating signature air fresheners that come in five unique scents to match different personalities .Some people prefer a strong scent while others prefer a light one. They also come in different designs, so choose one that is most appealing to you. Moreover, you should feel free to experiment with different scents until you find one that is ideal for you. The most crucial thing is for you to choose a scent that is personal to you.

  1. Eco-friendly.

DollarScent air fresheners are safe for use both to you, your family, pets and the environment. This is because they have been made from eco-friendly material that is not toxic in nature. As a result, you can lay to rest any fear of getting diseases like asthma and allergic conditions.

  1. Affordable.

At DollarScent, we endeavor to make our products very affordable to our customers therefore giving them value for their money.

  1. High quality and Long lasting.

Since we are determined to offer you great quality products and service, our scents are designed to stay longer in the car thus eliminating the need to keep on replacing them often, which actually serves to save your hard earned money. In order to keep the scent for a longer time, avoid touching the air freshener with your hands unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. To guarantee our quality, you can go through the ingredients listed on the product’s label.

How to sign up.

In order to make your subscription, log in to our website , choose from our three flexible plans, select your ideal scent and here you can mix and match fragrances, fill in the shipping details, create an account, make your billing payment and fill in your order summary. Now you are set. Just sit back and wait for your order to arrive at your front door every month. We are dedicated to ensure that your car stays freshly scented with our amazing products all the year long.

Since car air fresheners are such great accessories, there is no reason why you should not invest in some of the best products in the market. These are found at the numerous benefits of DollarScent air fresheners that we have seen, we can conclude without a shadow of doubt that these products are simply amazing.